Barbara Tamburini

Throughout her over twenty-year long career, Barbara's rigorous professionalism has earned her numerous accolades – from the Luigi Veronelli Award to the Wine Oscar – showcasing her commitment to continuous improvement in winemaking.

Regione Toscana Palazzo Strozzi Sagrati – Firenze
Pegaso d’Oro to Winemaker Barbara Tamburini

«Gratitude is owed to the dedication, professionalism, and ability to interpret the diverse elements present in the vineyard and create harmony between the traditional vocation of the territories and the skillful blending of grape varieties, assisting them in maturing until they embody the charm of Tuscany in a sip of wine.»

Bibenda – Italian Sommelier Foundation (FIS Roma)
Wine Oscar for Best Winemaker of the Year 2019
Giacomo Tachis Award

«To Barbara Tamburini, a great professional with exceptional technical skills, endowed with extraordinary style and sensitivity, who has accumulated dozens of prestigious awards throughout her career. The wines she has crafted and - often - signed, now constitute a heritage of Italian oenology, also territorially speaking, as they are gems belonging to the most prestigious wine regions of our country.»

Mondo Merlot - Aldeno (TN)
Award for Outstanding Protagonists to Dr. Barbara Tamburini

«...This award aims to testify admiration for a great professional who, with work, tenacity, and commitment, has repeatedly brought her outstanding Merlots to the podium of this event, thus significantly stepping up the Aldeno exhibition.»

AIS Lombardia – Mantova Delegation
Rigoletto d’argento Award

«To Enologist Barbara Tamburini - For her attentive and precise professionalism in interpreting the Italian grapevine.»

Gran Galà 2013 – AIS Lazio - Frosinone Delegation
Glass Plaque & Certificate

«To Enologist Barbara Tamburini, for sharing her expertise and conveying the passion with which she creates her great wines, making the tasting of March 15, 2012, particularly exciting.»

Roma – Chapter Hall – Senate of the Republic
Silver plaque from the Senate of the Italian Republic to Barbara Tamburini

«When the Commitment to Wine is Woman.»

Amerigo Vespucci Ship - Port of Livorno
Glass plaque

«To Dr. Barbara Tamburini, Enologist of great Italian wines.»

AIS Tuscany - Villa Castelletti - Signa (FI)
Dino Casini Award 2021, Silver plaque

«To Dr. Barbara Tamburini - The award is given to the winemaker who has been able to convey in a newly released wine particular aspects of Tuscan identity noted by sommeliers, also intending with this the combination of research, innovation, and tradition.»

San Marcello Pistoiese (PT)
Mayor's plaque

«To Dr. Barbara Tamburini, winemaker, known and appreciated worldwide for the results achieved with commitment, determination, and professionalism. Certain that with her wines she will go far, bringing our mountain into the heart.»

Luigi Veronelli Award 2007 - Barbara Tamburini Best Winemaker

«For the sensitivity and commitment with which she has been able to find the most successful interpretation for the crafting of classy wines, capable of responding without excesses, with elegant sobriety, to the needs of the modern consumer.»

Boccaccesca - Certaldo (FI)
VII Boccaccesca Award to Barbara Tamburini
San Marcello Pistoiese (PT)
Slow Food Award

«The youngest consulting winemaker in Italy to have achieved top recognitions in all industry guides with her wines.»

San Marcello Pistoiese (PT)
Mayor's plaque

«To Dr. Barbara Tamburini for the successes achieved in her professional activity.»

Winemaker Award - Spino Fiorito

«Young winemaker distinguished by skill and professionalism who is committed, with excellent results, to enhancing the native grape varieties of the Tuscan Coast and especially in our territory.»

AIS Roma – Milan
Nomination for the 2004 Wine Oscar – “Best Winemaker in Italy” category
Rivolto – Udine
5th woman in the world to fly aboard the prestigious MB339 "PONY 1" jet of the Frecce Tricolori
Regione Toscana – Florence
Vini di Toscana Award 2004 - Barbara Tamburini Winemaker
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