Barbara Tamburini

«Crafting a wine is akin to nurturing a life: witnessing its birth, growth, and guiding it to success with determination, passion, and respect»

Winemaking is storytelling

A glass of wine tells a story: it speaks of its homeland, of the characteristics of the soil nurturing the vine, and of the climate shaping its life cycles. It embodies the identity of the grape variety, its historical roots, and, not least, reflects the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of the winemaker who nurtured its creation.

Barbara Tamburini's guiding objective is to produce wines that allow consumers to recognize the intrinsic and territorial characteristics expressed by the grape variety first, then those unique to the winery, and, ultimately, to perceive the winemaker's philosophy imbued within the wine.

Barbara Tamburini's style is characterized by a sense of respect, balance, elegance, and decisiveness, expressed through an approach focused on evoking emotions and recognizability, while attentively listening to the story that the wine narrates.

Barbara Tamburini
Barbara Tamburini

Spirit of inquiry, Spirit of excellence

When embarking on a new project, Barbara Tamburini relies primarily on scientific knowledge and research - but also, strongly on her instinct. The indispensable first step is the definition of clear objectives; one of the primary goals is to thoroughly understand the terroir in question, followed by seeking harmony with the team with whom the project is being developed. Her contribution thus translates into providing and demanding the utmost rigor in the care and supervision of every detail to achieve the goal.

Presence, Experimentation, and Balance

Integral to professionalism in winemaking, according to Barbara, is her presence both in the vineyard and in the cellar. Her open-minded approach has helped her cultivate, over time, a keen ability to attentively adhere to the rhythms and laws of nature, whether in the vineyard or the cellar. Barbara Tamburini eschews dogma and preconception, emphasizing the importance of deeply understanding a territory before making practical decisions; priority is always given to respecting nature and the consumer, foundational aspects of any agricultural endeavor.

Barbara Tamburini
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